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General League Information

  • Our leagues are non-stop. Once one ends, we start the next one immediately, allowing you to enjoy flag football all year round!
  • We schedule our games on a 2 games per night format, making every night you come out twice as enjoyable.
  • Every season will consist of 8 games, and playoffs. The top 10 teams in a division will make playoffs!
  • Each team MUST bring their own set of flags and football. Only Sonic Pop are allowed. Flag Football United sells Sonic Pop flags for $8 per belt.
  • Rosters are locked after the 3rd game.

Friday Night 5on5 in Mesquite

  • Games will be played on Friday 7pm – 11pm.
  • There are five divisions. Division 1 – Elite, Division 2 – Competitive, Division 3 – Intermediate, Division 4 – Recreational, and Division 5 – Couch Potato
  • Each team will play 8 seasonal games.
  • The top teams will make the playoffs.
  • Team fee of $280 will be due on the first night you play; payment plans WILL be available, but you must contact Lance Wilson for the terms of the payment plan.



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